Bannerfy helps content creators monetize one of their most underutilized locations on their social profiles, their channel banner. Often, a banner is created and will sit unchanged for months or even years at a time. Instead, Bannerfy will help place appropriate brands on portions of your channel and you’ll be paid based on the viewer traffic during a given campaign.

Types of Opportunities:
Similar to our Sponsored Live Break product, the Bannerfy team will be bringing in a stream of ongoing campaigns from major Auto, Tech and Entertainment brands and notify you when your channel fits their goals.
You’ll be able to see a template of what the banner artwork will look like, the CPM rate, the maximum length of the campaign and an estimate payment based on your current viewership.
The Bannerfy tools can be used to publish the new banner and replace it with your existing artwork as campaigns complete.

Currently, the Bannerfy product is focused on English speaking YouTube channels.
(As further platforms open up, additional evaluations may be available).

Participating channels must be over 1,000,000 monthly views (on average) or higher and feature content appropriate for the advertising community.  

For our templates and automation to take place, you’ll be required to upload a few art assets including your existing channel icon and banner.
Certain campaigns may require your first link to be changed to the brand’s for the duration of their campaign along with your banner. These requirements will be disclosed during your initial offer alongside the brand, template and maximum window of the campaign.

To submit your channel for consideration, make sure your YouTube is authorized to a Mobcrush account here