Catch all your chats in one place! Mobcrush Unified Chat lets you read messages from Facebook, YouTube, Trovo and Twitch all in one feed, and send upstream messages to YouTube and Twitch. (Facebook currently limits this functionality.)

How To Use Unified Chat
  1. Click the Unified Chat button on the sidebar. (You may be asked to grant permissions to Twitch if you haven't done so already.)
  2. Start streaming.
  3. As viewers send messages, they will be displayed in the Unified Chat window.

Unified Chat also includes YouTube superchat notifications, and Twitch subscribe notifications and emotes.

Unified Chat does not support platforms added via the Custom RTMP connection and cannot be used as an overlay in OBS.

Alternative Chat

If you run into problems or have a compatibility issue with Unified Chat, you may want to use the alternative chat on Mobcrush. This chat differs from Unified Chat in that it shows previous chat messages, has a different look, and it is also available while you're not streaming.

When multicasting on different platforms you may find it helpful to use your chat as an overlay so users on all platforms can read each other's messages.

See this article on how to use the Mobcrush chat feed as an overlay.