Sponsored Live Breaks utilize Mobcrush’s Action Replays technology to automatically create and store a creator’s wins, kills and scores as clips. These highlights can be displayed on screen during a live stream using an easy to use control panel. Once completed, an advertisement from one of Mobcrush’s live campaigns will play.

Types of Opportunities
Our sales team is in the market socializing Sponsored Live Breaks with large brands in a variety of verticals. Our team secures large opportunities with major Auto, Tech and Entertainment brands to ensure a consistent deal flow through the Sponsored Live Breaks product.

In order to qualify for Sponsored Live Breaks, you will need to be an English-speaking channel, North American is preferred. You should be a consistent streamer going live at the very least twice per month. We also require that you publish your Sponsored Live Breaks as a VOD on the platform of your choice. You do not need to publish your entire stream, just the portion that includes the Sponsored Live Break. Once the VOD has been published and live, you will then need to send a video link to your Mobcrush contact, along with the timecode of the Sponsored Live Break. That team member will review your video, ensuring the following:
  1. The Sponsored Live Break was displayed on screen during the live stream.
  2. The branded video played with full audio after at least one creator highlight clip.
Our team will calculate your rate against the amount of views on each of the VODs that include the Sponsored Live Break. Rate is commensurate with what you’d see on Adsense ($2-$9 per thousand).