Streamers can best leverage the clips they generated from Action Replays by creating a playlist and running a highlight reel on their stream. Some of the best successes we have seen in utilizing this feature is when a streamer wants to take a break but ensure their audience stays engaged while they step away.

In order to use this feature, you must:
  1. Configure your streaming software to create clips using Action Replays
  2. Play one of the supported games and generate clips by killing, scoring, winning, etc.

Step 1

Go the Media Library tab in Mobcrush Studio  

Step 2

Click the button labeled 'Playlist Builder' on this page to access the playlist control panel. A new window will open.

Step 3
You should see clips from your previous streams load up, and new clips will auto populate within seconds during a live stream.

Click the + icon to to the right of the clip to add your clip to playlist.

Step 4At the bottom you'll see a Playlist - click to expand or collapse this to make sure your clips show "preload complete"

When you're ready to start the playlist, Click the play button beneath the 'PLAYER' header at the bottom.

The playlist will play through all clips you've added.

If you're part of a sponsored live break campaign when the playlist is done Mobcrush will automatically play the video assets from your campaign.

There is no need to hit the stop button as the player will reset when all videos have completed playing.