Setting up Action Replays is a one-time process and is as easy as adding a browser source to OBS Studio.

Step 1
First, log in to your Mobcrush Studio account.

Step 2
Head to the Action Replays tab in Mobcrush Studio.

Step 3
Click the button labeled “Launch.”

Step 4
In the drop-down menu, select Open Broadcaster Software (OBS).

Step 5
A list of instructions will appear. First, look at the table and find your URL.
(It will look something like this

Step 6
Copy the URL from Mobcrush Studio.

Step 7
Open OBS Studio.

Step 8
In the Sources tab, click the + button. Click on the source type called Browser.

Step 9
You will be asked to make a name for this Browser source (it can be whatever you’d like). Once you have chosen a name, click OK.

Step 10
Next, you’ll be asked to input details about this new source. Use the following properties:

URL: Paste the URL from Mobcrush Studio page (see Step 5 if you have misplaced it)
Width: 1280
Height: 720

Step 11
Click OK.

Step 12
In the Sources tab, your new Browser source will appear with your chosen name. Right-click the Browser and move your cursor to Transform, then click Fit to Screen.

Step 13
Once again, in the Sources tab, right-click your Browser and move your cursor to Order and then click Move to Top.

Step 14
Finally, in OBS Studio, click the Settings button, then Advanced and ensure Enable Browser Source Hardware Acceleration is turned on (its the last option in the Advanced tab).

Your personal Action Replays overlay is now live!

Test your Action Replays overlay

Step 1
Return to the Action Replays tab in Mobcrush Studio

Step 2
Click the button labeled Launch on this page, then click the Open Control Panel button. A new window will open.

Step 3
Click the eye icon (bottom right), then head back to OBS Studio. You should see a sample frame of where your Action Replay clips will appear in OBS when you go live.

Step 4
Click the eye icon again to hide it.

Action Replay clips will appear in the Control Panel and can be added to your playlist to appear on your stream. Learn how to set up a playlist and stream a highlight reel using your Action Replay clips.