• A great way to build an audience across many platforms is by multistreaming.

    Mobcrush natively supports:
    • YouTube
    • Twitch
    • Facebook
    Additional platforms, such as Instagram, are available by adding a Custom RTMP destination.
    We recommend following the best practices of the platforms to which you are streaming for a high quality experience.
    How to connect and livestream to other platforms
    1. Connect to YouTube, Twitch, Facebook accounts or add a Custom Destination on the Go Live page or Stream Settings. These platforms will automatically be enabled after connection.
    2. Choose which platforms you want to stream to on the Go Live page using the toggle.
    3. Don’t forget to click Save & Go Live to save your broadcast settings. See this article for additional help to Go Live.
    Your stream will publish to the selected platforms in real-time along with the broadcast Title, Game/Category, and Description. See this article if you encounter issues connecting to one of the platforms.
            4. Start streaming on your streaming software (OBS, SLOBS, etc)