If you see inappropriate content on Mobcrush, we have a few different ways in which you can report it. While watching a stream, click on the flag icon close to where you can "Share/Like/Follow" a broadcast, and from there you can select to report the stream - or the broadcaster - for things like having an offensive profile, the types of content they're streaming, their profile picture or username, or if the broadcaster is under 13. 

If you see a user in chat who has an inappropriate username, offensive profile picture, or is typing offensive/spammy things in chat, click on the username, click on "Report", and from there select the appropriate category for your report. 

Please note that we cannot discuss any moderation actions taken from your reports. Additionally, if a user spams or abuses the report feature action will be taken against them as well. The Report function is to be used when needed - not to be abused. Thank you!